Neon Lighting, Neon Signage

Since the late 1920’s Claude Neon New Zealand
has been at the forefront of neon lighting and
neon signage.

In the last 10 years neon lighting and signage has
experienced a significant revival. Now neon is the
funky, retro signage to have. Retail, commercial
and domestic applications have brought back the
neon look, Bright, colourful and unique.

From concept to design, fabrication and
installation, Claude Neon can turn your ideas in to

Throughout the country, Claude Neon New
Zealand has manufactured and installed some of
the most iconic neon signage and neon lighting.

Commissioning a neon sign? Neon sculpture? Or
neon lighting? We manage this process from start
to finish. Technical skill, years of experience and a
complete understanding of the Neon process is
required to achieve your desired outcome. This is
what we do at Claude Neon,

Our production team has decades of experience,
are experts in their field and take pride in
delivering your neon sign/lighting.

Choose your colour and glass size. We have
available over 20 vibrant colours. Glass tube can
be 10mm 12mm or 15mm in diameter. We will
assess your requirements then recommend the
best glass size and colour output, for your project.

We have a neon colour display unit that illuminates
to shows all the available colours. We are happy
to demonstrate this to you to ensure your colour
selection is a true representation of your brand.

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