New Zealand Fire Service (NZFS)

New Zealand Fire Service (NZFS)

The Challenge

NZFS came to Claude Neon with an estate of Fire Stations displaying mismatching main identity signs due to a diverse supplier base with different interpretations of brand design, requirements and material specification.

Claude Neon was selected by the NZFS’s National Special Projects Manager to supply all signage throughout the northland region of the upper north island to firm budgets and timeframes.

The Result

Claude Neon provided a master design and signage bible to each location for the Brand Guardians within NZFS and the relevant operational area managers – this would ensure consistency of brand and placement for all signage. In order to keep within budget we standardized the size of the diverse range of existing signage to take advantage of maximum material yields. Our experienced team of project managers designed the optimal installation route around the geographically diverse locations thus reducing time, fuel and ultimately cost.