oOh! Media. Lipton Ice Misting Unit

oOh! Media. Lipton Ice Misting Unit

The Challenge

oOh! Media approached Claude Neon to design, manufacture and install a number of advertising experiential interactive lightbox units. We were to create these original units from the client brief from a concept developed by their Advertising Agency customer. The lightboxes purpose required the passing public to “press a button” and a fine mist would be emitted to cool them down.

The client requested a fine mist, not a spray and that it be contained within the vicinity of the outdoor lightbox. They also needed a record of how many times the call to action “press a button” had been engaged. All of this had to be fitted on site within an existing light box that measured only 110mm deep.

The Result

Claude Neon’s broad experience within the projects team allowed us to engineer and design a slim-line modular unit that could be dispatched in two pieces to be fitted on site. This modular unit comprised of water reservoirs that held up to 38 litres of liquid, a low noise high pressure pump, a control and counting unit and a timer that delivered a set duration of mist – this meant purpose designed misting nozzles that could be kept under pressure at all times had to be manufactured.

The installers removed the illumination components to allow room for the modular misting unit to be fitted within the currents unit framework.