Pylon & Plinth

Pylon & Plinth Signs

Pylon signs, also referred to as plinth or pole signs, are often selected
for their durability and height. Able to withstand the elements while
standing tall, pylon signs are perfect for advertising to all passers-by.
If visibility is a top concern for achieving your business goals, installing
a pylon sign can provide your business with greater exposure. Want a
bigger and better sign? We help customers select their style and design
and handle permit acquisition so you can get the sign you need.

• Promote your business from a great distance
• Crafted from a variety of materials for high durability and longevity
• Custom fabricated with limitless design possibilities
• Incorporate digital signage for an enhanced advertising opportunity

We’re a Full-Service Sign Company

From design to installation, we manage everything. Want your pylon sign
to have more depth and Presence? We can create raised logos and
designs. Want your sign’s pole to stand out too? LED illumination offers
a myriad of options. Bright white to RGB (Red Green Blue) enabling all
colours of the rainbow. Want to change the colour of your sign? RGB
can be programmed to change colour, making your sign the absolute
stand out.

Take your messages to the next level! We can also turn your sign into a
digital message centre that gives you the ability to update your sign to
advertise new promotions whenever you want.

Are you ready to start moving forward with your next sign project?
We will come and assess your site and provide a free consultation to
help determine the design and placement of your pylon sign. Once
you’re ready, we’ll manage the design, engineering, council permits
fabrication, transport and installation. Everything you need for a quick
and easy installation.

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