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When you look at the cityscape lit up at night, the glowing business names are typically the first things to draw your attention. Building identification is much more than simply advertising your business’s location, it serves as a reminder to all who see it and keeps your brand present in their minds. Brand equity is an important element of every business as it allows them to establish long-term and fruitful relationships with their clients to ensure continued growth. Much of this comes down to the image your company promotes, including everything from your logo, font, associated colours, catch phrase and a plethora of other factors. Projecting your brand’s logo and name with effective signage is an important part of helping your Christchurch business prosper.
Digital, LED and more traditional static and neon signs are an effective means to position your brand as they are bright, attention grabbing and quite simply, difficult to ignore. Claude Neon specialises in developing comprehensive signs and accompanying strategies to enhance their overall yield. Considering everything from the size, materials, methods, implementation, colour and font, we ensure that the final signage design is flawless to maximise its results. In addition, every project we undertake is subject to strict industry-leading safety requirements.

Much more than neon signs

Taking a holistic approach to our clients’ needs, we work closely with your business from the get go. Beginning with the concept stage, we present you with our design and progress through to planning, implementation and eventually an on-going maintenance plan to keep your sign in perfect condition. Having worked with numerous blue chip New Zealand businesses, including Christchurch Airport, New Zealand’s Rural Fire Service and the New Zealand Automobile Association, we understand that our clients expect nothing short of premium results. With this in mind, we ensure we take all of your requirements on board from the beginning to keep your signage project safely, on time and within budget.

Business identity is our bread and butter

Speak with the professionals today regarding your static, LED, digital or neon signage needs, whether you’re in Christchurch, Wellington, Auckland, or elsewhere in New Zealand. You can call us on +64 9574 1720 for any questions or advice.